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We’d love to hear your comments on Shoulder to Shoulder!

Please tell us at which theatre you saw Shoulder to Shoulder and your comments on the performance.

  1. Richard Evans says:

    Borth community hall, 2.11.22.It was a great evening and made opera seem more accessible. I could not always hear the words, because from where we were sitting, the music dominated.
    Altogether it was well written and a moving story, the music was light-hearted and fun to listen to. The audience responded well and it was worth coming out on a wet evening to see this opera.

  2. Thank you so much for writing Richard, I’m sorry you found the band a little too loud, from the other side of the hall the balance was very good. However the singers found it difficult to hear the band at any lower level because the curtain over the stage muffled the sound. It was wonderful to see such a large audience there!

  3. Julie Milewski says:

    We saw Shoulder to Shoulder at the Torch Theatre, Milford Haven, about 20 miles each way from our home. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance and loved having the mini-orchestra in the room. The subject was important, particularly as it is often under-reported, and the music and lyrics told a tale perfectly. Having seen a Men’s Shed near Aberdeen recently I had looked up the movement already. Well done on a contemporary opera on a contemporary theme. We are regular opera goers and listeners.

  4. Thank you so much Julie, we’re very pleased you enjoyed the performance and felt it did justice to the Men’s Shed movement. Several ‘Shedders’ have seen it and said ‘we nailed it!’

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