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First audience comment for Faust!

We received the first audience comment sheets today. Read more….

A comment from a member of the audience at our first performance of Faust in Barnstaple:

Best production yet! Excellent cast, I heard every word!!! I have enjoyed all your productions very much, but this was the best by far!

  1. Emma Calin says:

    I was at the Theatre Royal Winchester on March 13th. The production was brilliantly intimate and brought the human drama out of the “show”. All human life is there with its lust, nobility and vanity. Absolutely loved the performance. The staging was cleverly uncluttered with marvellous use of light and shadow. This was the first time I’d really grasped the depth of the Faust story in itself. The music was brilliant with a disturbingly appealing (to me) Mephistopheles. I first saw the Swansea Opera performing the Pearl Fishers at the same theatre and that determined me to see their Faust. It’s now Sunday morning and I’m still buzzing with the dramatic energy. Do not miss this production even if you have to do a dodgy deal with the devil. The pleasure will be worth it. Gonna blog you guys out later today. Thanks for a wonderful evening.

  2. What a lovely comment to receive on a Sunday morning!! Thank you Emma we’re so pleased you enjoyed the show, I’ll make sure all the team see your comment and thank you for writing, it means a lot to us.

  3. Ralph Massie says:

    Wonderful performance at New Wolsey, Ipswich tonight. Can’t fault singing or acting at all. Not all things come right with a touring production, but I thought that staging could have been slightly further ‘back’ on the stage, the backlight towards the audience was too intense for the length of time it went on for and the siting of the orchestra – who were good – sometimes detracted from the singing. Not the fault of the production, more the fault on no pit, but please don’t let this put you off coming again.

  4. Thank you so much for writing Ralph, very pleased you enjoyed the performance. It’s not an easy venue for opera but the audience were fantastic! We agree the set was rather far forward, but unfortunately there are two iron posts at the rear of the stage which limit the amount of playing space, and the set had to be erected in front of them. Never fear, as long as the theatre invites us, we will definitely be back again!

  5. Richard Stainer says:

    Saw Faust last night at the Wolsey. What a wonderful production! A clever set and some imaginative costumes for a start. Excellent performances all round with a particularly engaging Mephistopheles. I thought Angharad Morgan was in fine voice as was Hakan Vramsmo, but all the company sang and acted well. I also thought that the whole thing was very well conceived and directed and by the end I found I had a lump in my throat as Marguerite walked towards the cross. All three of us thoroughly enjoyed the evening and we look forward to the next production you tour in to the Wolsey. Thank you for a great evening.

  6. Andy Taylor says:

    I went to see Faust at The Wolsey, Ipswich and saw an absolutely stunning production by Swansea City Opera..
    The singing and acting were first rate, as was the chamber orchestra.
    The final scene was, arguably, the most moving one I had ever seen.
    The production would have graced some of the more renowned stages.
    It’s great that we are able to see an opera of this quality in our home town.
    Roll on next year, and your 11th Anniversary Tour!

    Andy Taylor

  7. Thank you Andy, what a lovely email and if the theatre will have us, we’ll be back next year!

  8. Thank you so much for writing Richard and for all the kind comments, they were lovely to read. I’ll make sure all the team see them and hopefully we will be back next year!

  9. Jo Gray (Rabble Chorus) says:

    Loved singing in Faust at The New Wolsey Theatre on Friday. What an experience and what a great production. The cast and crew were fantastic. Please invite us to join you again next time!

  10. Bethany Williams says:

    Had the pleasure of watching The Swansea Concert Opera perform Faust at The Palace Theatre last night and it was truly amazing. I then also had the pleasure of meeting the cast and they kindly gave me an offer to join them in singing backstage and accompanying them. I have to say it was such a lovely experience and the cast are all genuinely talented. Well done Swansea Concert Opera!

  11. Thanks Jo, we loved having you with us and thanks for all the hard work!

  12. Thank you Bethany, you did a terrific job and thank you for being such a pleasure to work with, I hope it will inspire you to see more opera!

  13. David Williams says:

    After watching Faust at the Borough Theatre I feel that it would be wrong to single out any artist for special praise, as they were all so good! The Victorian Gothic setting really worked. After all the tale is a timeless one, and Victorian times were a combination of respectability and a very dark underbelly. The lighting helped bring the various moods to life, as did your very special singers. Loved the costumes as well. No doubt all the audience members were looking forward to your next production. It is a shame that the audience for Opera is a little narrow, but your company is trying to change this. What a great idea to involve local singing talent and include young singers, our future, and the future of Opera in this country. I was most impressed by members of the Bach Choir..

  14. Thank you very much for writing Mr Williams, I’m very pleased that you enjoyed the evening. Working with the various choirs around the country has been a great joy and one that we hope to repeat next year with La Boheme. I will make sure everyone sees your lovely comments! Bridgett Gill

  15. Michael Jones says:

    Saw Faust in Brecon.A wonderful evening.Loved the full blooded,full voiced production.Expected nothing less from Brendon.Only disappointment was not being allowed to join in!
    How are you going to follow that?
    Look forward to the next production.

  16. Michael Jones says:

    Saw Faust in Brecon.A wonderful evening.
    Full voiced, full blooded- expected nothing less from Brendon.
    How can you follow such a production?
    What are you doing next?
    Only disappointment was not being allowed to join in.

  17. Thanks Michael! Next time we’ll get you into the chorus!

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